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At ARTC, we utilize the latest technology and employ highly skilled personnel in order to produce quality liquid asphalts for both the paving and roofing industries. Located in Douglasville, Georgia, 20 miles west of downtown Atlanta, ARTC is in the heart of one of the largest paving markets in the country. We are also centrally located to reach the roofing markets throughout the Southeast and Midwest.

From the very beginning, ARTC’s management made a commitment to “doing things the right way” which served as the foundation of the company when it was formed in early 2003.  Our customer-focused approach to marketing has led to ARTC’s early success and we stay true to that philosophy daily.

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Liquid Asphalt: On Time, On Spec. & On Temperature

Paving Asphalt
Check out the paving asphalts that we have to offer.

Roofing Asphalt

Shingle coating, industrial, and commerical type asphalts.

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